Monday, March 14, 2011

Strobe Photography

Harold ("Doc") Edgerton (1903-1987) was a pioneer in the area of high speed and stroboscopic photography.  He was an engineer, researcher and professor whose curiosity and enthusiasm for his work was insatiable.  He would show off his discoveries at every opportunity; in small diners, MIT classrooms and on televisions programs such as 'Letterman'.  His lifes work is marked by the lively give-and-take of collaborating with others and communicating the results. His personal creed was “Work hard… tell everyone everything you know… have fun.”  I love that.

This past week I had a chance to take some photos that were based on Edgerton's techniques.  Modern Camera equipment allows us to easily do what was in Edgerton's day quite a feat.  In the posts over the next couple of days I will explain the mission in detail.

For today there are two photos on the blog; the top one is Harold Edgerton's, the bottom one is mine.  His is the more serious image, mine is a little more playful.

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