Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Impromptu Portrait

When people see me set up at an architectural shoot there's usually someone who asks if I want to take their picture.  It's usually some over refreshed joker who thinks he's quite hilarious.  It's always a guy, women never ask.

And then there are other times; when someone who's along to facilitate the shoot suggests that a photo might be in order.  This photo comes from such a request.

I was on assignment at the Edmonton Federal Building when Rennie - that's him on the right - suggested that a quick shot of him and his mates would be a good idea.  I almost always have my 24-70 f/2.8 lens with me so I grabbed it and set the lads up against this Tyndall stone wall.  I told them I wanted serious expressions with loads of attitude.  They came through in spades.

I don't know the fellow in the centre at all, but Rennie and Dave (on the left) and I have known one another for a while.  If you want to know what top class professional builders look like, here's your chance for a good look.

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