Friday, May 29, 2015

ATB North Hill

For this assignment the client wanted day and night photos of this recently updated financial services building.  Normally that's not a problem; I take one set of images in the day time and another in the evening.  In this instance this created a challenge because the building is a three hour drive from my home base.  And the front of the building faces north so daylight only spreads across the front of the building for a few hours in the early morning and again in the evening.  Lastly, when in full leaf the trees along the road obscure most of the new features on the building.

I have an iPad app that tells me where the sun and moon are at in given location and day.  Using this app - and a reliable weather forecast - I was able to determine the optimal time of day for the photos.  The daylight photos were taken around 7 pm and it took me about an hour.  Then hung around for the sun to set and the lights to come on for the evening photos.  Then I saddled up and hit the road for home.  A late night, but such is the life of an architectural photographer.

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