Friday, March 6, 2015

One Last Look at the PAW Centre

We'll make this the last photo of the Physical Activity and Wellness (PAW) Centre at the University of Alberta.  In this view we can discern the climbing wall in the distance and below (note the red fall protection mat), the repelling platform in the top of the frame and the windows into the fitness are on the right.

The PAW Centre was designed by Group2 Architecture Interior Design and Constructed by Clark Builders.

All photos taken with the Canon 1Dx using Canon perspective control lenses.  I use a Gitzo Explorer tripod fitted with a Really Right Stuff ballhead and Really Right Stuff camera mounting brackets.  The camera is fitted with a Canon remote release.  I took several photos from down on the red fall protection pad which is very thick and very unstable.  Any movement on my part around the camera would cause the tripod to move significantly so for those photos I used the built in timer; I set up the shot, set the timer and moved well away from the camera before the shutter tripped.

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