Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year in Review and Plans for 2015

At the start of each year I set out a few goals for my photographic enterprise.  Expanding my client base is always at the top of the list.  By this measure 2014 was a great success; I was able to do assignments for 3 architectural firms  as well as few contractors and consulting engineering firms all of whom were new clients.  Other clients that I had not heard from in a while came back to me with assignments.  All this added to my list of 'regulars' kept me very busy in 2014.

While architectural and interior photography remains the back bone of my business there were some other assignments as well, loads of business portraits, fine art photography (that is, photography of fine art pieces) and some heritage photography rounded out the year.

Most of the photos I take while traveling are just for fun - only on a few occasions does anyone want to acquire them for commercial purposes.  In 2014 my wife and I traveled to Arizona, Scotland and Italy, many of the photos taken on these journeys have appeared here on my blog.  Sometimes I post them on the fly from remote areas, other photos are held back until I get home and have time for some serious editing.

I don't really do any serious marketing; I send an industry mail out to the architectural/engineering/constructing community every year but that's it really.  In 2013 I was asked to put some photos on display for sale at local arts outlet and that has done better than I expected - it even lead to an appearance on breakfast television, which in turn led to surge in sales.

Perhaps the most unusual request I had this past year was to create a photographic record of an older building that will be re-purposed.  The provincial government has influence on the process and requires that the building be photographed in black and white.  On film.  I didn't have a film camera that would do the job.  I do now.  I would say the only down side to film is the lack of instant gratification - it took 3 weeks to get the film back from the lab.  A few photos from that assignment will appear on this blog in the next while.

For 2015 I'm going to shift to once-a-week postings.  This is due to the amount of time required to post daily - when things get hectic the extra time required for daily posts gets a bit much.  There might be the occasional extra post but otherwise please check every Friday for the weekly post.  I will try and make the weekly post a little more informative by providing detail on the photos presented and why I chose it.  We'll see how it goes!

There are over 1700 posts on my blog going back to April of 2010....I didn't miss too many days.  So as I make the switch to weekly posts I thought I would re-post this photo which is one of the oldest in my blog posts photo archives.  I took this photo on May 28 2010 with my venerable Canon G11 in macro mode; f/2.8 at 1/80 sec.

Happy New Year!  Next blog post Friday January 02.

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