Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Recent Projects

This scene presented a number of challenges.  There are multiple light sources - fluorescent fixtures, daylight and some halogen task lighting.  This corner of the office is a little dark so some supplemental lighting would be needed too but I needed to be careful with that due to the potential for reflections off all the glass.  Even dealing with my own reflection in the glass was a consideration.  Lastly, there wasn't a lot of room in which to work.

I used my 17mm tilt/shift lens to deal with the space limitations - this lens allows one to take the bottom and top half of the scene and fuse them together using Photoshop. To fill in the dark corner I used a Canon 580EX flash that I simple held overhead and triggered manually - the exposure was 4 or 5 second long so I didn't need to worry about synchronizing the flash with the shutter.  I made several exposures at different light temperatures, duplicating the process so that I had a range of images of the bottom and top half of the scene.

The RAW files were edited in Adobe Lightroom.  I then opened the files in Adobe Photoshop and began the process of blending and balancing the various light temperatures.  When I had a top and bottom image that looked realistic I then merged the two halves together in Photoshop.  The last step was to clone out my reflection - and that of the camera - and make some final exposure and contrast adjustments.

It is an important aspect of the interior design so it was worth putting in the effort though.

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