Thursday, July 3, 2014

Signing off from Scotland

I have a book in my possession that belonged to my late paternal grandfather.  It's called 'In Search of Scotland' by an author named H.V. Morton.  In our guest house on Skye was a copy of Morton's follow on book called 'In Scotland Again'.  These books were published in the 1930's and are basically Morton's travel diaries.  He has a lovely lyrical writing style and some passages are quite hysterical.

Anyway, in the preface to the second book was this quote from James V of Scotland who wrote to somebody called Mary of Guse:

Ere you go through Scotland
You shall see many good-like men and women
And other commodities that will be
To your contentment.

And that is how we found the place, so it's a good way to sign off - more photos to follow in the days ahead when I get some editing done.

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