Saturday, December 7, 2013

An interesting challenge

When people find out you're a photographer they usually assume that it's wedding your're photographing.  Truth is I photograph all sorts of stuff to order and this is an example.  This quilt is about 7 or 8 feet square.  It is hanging on a wall in Corbett Hall on the U of A campus.  It is framed and and behind plexi-glass.  There are windows to the left and a light fixture hanging in such a way as to be reflected in the plexi-glass.  Also, the quilt is hanging in a stairwell making camera set up a challenge.

I was most concerned with the reflection of the light fixture.  In the end the use of two remote strobes pretty much killed the reflection.  I moved the strobes around a bit so that I'd get several images that I could blend to obtain an even exposure.  To deal with the windows on the left I simple arranged to take the photo after dark.  I used my tri-pod mounted Canon 1Dx and 24mm TSE lens for this shot.  The strobes used were Canon 580EX units triggered via Pocketwizard transmitters.  I selected f8 for the aperture to guarantee sharpness.  At 100% magnification every thread in the quilt is visible.

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