Friday, December 7, 2012

Recent Projects

Most folks - I believe- don't really think much about the parking garages they drive into everyday.  But they are in fact rather special places; expensive to construct (deep holes in constrained spaces present all sorts of issues) and challenging to plan (they must respect vehicle turning circles, overhead clearance requirements in an environment where the floors are sloped in every direction).  So the contractors who build them often want images turned over as part of the overall building photography package.

They present some challenges photographically, how do you make a compelling photo of a parking garage?  In this case there was an added wrinkle; the most of the lighting shuts off at intervals to conserve energy which is fair enough, but this meant that I had to compose the shot, set the focus and exposure then dash around to trip the motion sensors so the lights would come on before sprinting back to the camera to trip the shutter.  The floor was a little wet from the snowy cars coming in and out which looks a bit messy in colour but the black and white version made with Oloneo Photo Engine looks just fine I think.

Photo made with my brand new Canon 1Dx fitted with the Canon 17mm TSE lens.

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