Monday, March 12, 2012

Recent Projects

I was recently given a slightly unusual assignment. A consulting firm with offices in more than one city needed two people photographed in a format to match an established standard. They provided me with a sample photo and and asked me to match it. There's more to this than first meets the eye; getting the lighting to look similar and the white balance matched requires careful attention.   To further complicate matters they needed the images in just a few days.

The bottom image is the sample image they provided - to be clear, I did not take the photograph of this gal; if I knew who did I would be crediting them here.  The photo of the fellow is mine.  The separation light (back light) is not as intense in my version but other than that I'm happy with the result.

Canon 5DII with 24-105 lens at 50mm; ISO 100, 1/60 sec @ f/6.3.  Elinchrom strobes with umbrella modifiers camera right and left; Canon 580EXII flashed into a beauty dish for separation lighting.  All off camera strobes triggered with Pocket Wizard transmitters.

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