Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recent Projects

One of the biggest challenges in photographing interiors is getting the exposure right; there has to be detail across the full extent of the image.  In this case there is very bright light from outdoors and very dark areas in the black carpet.  If you expose for the daylight  the image will be too dark.  If you expose for the carpet the outdoors will appear white - or 'blown out' in photo-speak.  You could take a series of exposures and process them as a High Dynamic Range or HDR image but I find that usually looks a little odd.
This photo is a blend or 4 images taken with my 17mm TSE lens. This is a shift lens that affords perspective control. I took two images of the top portion of the frame and two for the bottom. I blended the exposures manually in Photoshop and then merged them, also in Photoshop. The foreground was lit with a Canon 580EXII flash off camera with an umbrella modifier.

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