Monday, January 30, 2012

Holga Black and White

I bought a Holga twin lens reflex camera a few weeks back and I will present a few images taken with it in the next few days.  Here's the first.

The Holga is an odd thing, those who know about them are quite passionate about them and the rest of the world scratches their collective head when you try to explaing the charm.  Here's the scope....the Holga is a plastic, very low tech camera.  It has a plastic lens and is prone to light leakage.  They are inexpensive, around $60.00 and very light.  The settings are simple and the camera uses 120 film.  You heard me; film.

Composing your shot is challenging - the image is backwards in the view finder and is round and cropped so what;s happening along the edge of the frame is guess work  The results are bit suprising, partly because after 2 weeks of film processing you kind of forget what you photographed and the compostition is never quite what you expect.  All and all a first class camera for making interesting and whimsical photos in a manner far removed from the digital world.

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