Friday, May 4, 2018

Parker at Ten

On May 05 our golden retriever Parker will be ten years old.  This photo was taken in the autumn of her first year with us.  Because of her name people sometimes think she's a boy; her name was suggested by our neighbour who, because we live in Parkview, thought our pup should be Princess Parker of Parkview.  And that was that.

She was born in a big barn in Yorkshire, England and is the second dog we have acquired from the same breeder.  In the files of The Kennel Club (UK) and the Canadian Kennel Club she is registered as Gloi Heavens Promise.  Gloi is the breeders registered kennel name and Terri suggested the Heavens Promise part.  By any name, she's a perfect dog and ascended to the role of Queen of the House years ago.

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