Sunday, June 29, 2014

Quiraing, Isle of Skye

Today's post is an iPhone panoramic image made at Quiraing on the Trotternish peninsula on the Isle of Skye.  If you'd care to check the location on Google Earth it's at N 57°37'41.519999999999"    W 6°17'25.44".  To get there on takes a single track road leading from the seaside town of Staffin.  At the end of the road there's a parking area and from there you can take one of two footpaths that go north or south - either way will provide spectacular views over the Sound of Raasay and the Western Ross region of Scotland.  I opted for the northern trail, it's a bit of a white knuckle walk and no place for anyone who is a bit put off by heights.  Any reasonably fit person can do these walks with no special knowledge or equipment.  The trail is on the left and the destination is the pointed peak in the upper left.  It will not be apparent in this forum but there are people on the high ridges in the upper right of the photo; those are the folks who opted for the southern path.

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