Thursday, June 20, 2013

Iberian Doorways

As we toured along there were often times when I'd fall back from the group to photograph one thing or another.  The downside to a tour, if you're looking hard to find one, is that your'e on a schedule so there often isn't time to reflect and consider photographic prospects - but that can be a good thing at the same time as you kind of have to get on with things.  There was one other traveler who was hanging back as well - she was photographing laundry hanging outside on lines and railings.  'I have photographs of laundry from all over the world' she informed me.  'For me', I replied, 'It's doors; I have loads of photographs of doors and doorways.'  To each his own.

This photo was taken with the iPhone Hipstamatic.  It almost looks like a photo taken at night with some supplemental lighting.  In fact it was mid afternoon on an overcast day.

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