Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seattle Coffee

The people of Seattle are a little bonkers when it comes to coffee.  There seems to be coffee shops everywhere and Starbucks rules that day with the number of outlets.  This is Starbucks store number one opened in 1971 in Pike Place Market.  Although we did hear one guide tell his group that this not actually true; the original store wasn't that charming and this store - just steps away was thought to have a little more character.  So the company line is that this is the flagship store; a brass plaque just inside the door stated this.  There's always a line up it seems...just look at this place.  There are 3 things that distinguish this store from every other Starbucks; the logo is a bit different, they sell a Pike Place Reserve blend of coffee available only in this store and you can pre-load a gift card that is not available elsewhere.  Reportedly Starbucks employees around the world are told to watch for these gift cards as a sign that the bearer has been to hallowed ground.  Or something like that.

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